Double Bass, Electric Bass, Improvisation, and Arranging Lessons

I offer double bass and electric bass lessons, as well as lessons in jazz improv, music theory, beginner violin, beginner guitar, and arranging. I taught secondary bass lessons at Oberlin Conservatory from 2012-2014 in addition to secondary improvisation lessons. From 2014--2017 I taught bass lessons at Our Lady of Good Counsel High School in MD and directed their after school improvisation and small ensemble program. At the same time I also worked as an rhythm section instructor for Virginia Music Adventures and later as the Co-Director of their summer music institute. In my last year in DC I was the bass teacher and small ensemble director at Levine School of Music, the largest music school in DC. My students have gone on to study at prestigious programs like the New School, Oberlin Conservatory, Eastman, DePaul, and more. 

My approach to music education combines repertoire that caters to each student's musical preferences with technical exercises. My primary goal is to teach each student the skills on the bass that they need to play the music they love, but I also aim to teach students to perform in a wide variety of musical situations and to appreciate a diverse range of musical styles. With those ideals, I make sure that my students learn to command their instrument. 

I encourage students to learn through repetition and disciplined practice, but I also teach the value of learning through experimentation. I want students to use the skills I give them to find new applications and to develop a deeper connection to the instrument. 

As a self-taught bassist for many years, I understand the importance of learning correct technique. Bad technical habits result in both difficulty handling the instrument as well as injury and frustration. My students learn to play their instrument with technique that will keep their hands and backs healthy. 

I My private lesson rates range between 40 and $50/hour depending on the commute. Contact me at (630) 240 0244